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Combo Pakage: "Educating Your Expectations" plus "Taking on the Mantle of Leadership"

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8 CD Set "Educating your Expectations"

Get out of the “Gravitational Pull” - The same gravitational pull that seems to hold so many people back from fulfilling their life-long dreams... EDUCATE YOUR EXPECTATIONS! "Most of what you’ve been taught is how to work, learn and prepare… Now, in the realm of Free Enterprise, you will learn to Stop Thinking and Take Action, Let Go and Learn to Receive… It can be a mind-boggling switch… and for most of us it didn’t happen overnight!” Create the mental, emotional, and physical environment in which your “Purposeful Practice” can produce compounding results for you and your loved ones. Position yourself so that “failure” is not an option. Become Committed and Coachable at a level that will create the outcome you desire – grasp the distinctions that make the difference. Embrace goals that are larger than you, and forge partnerships - leveraged income requires leveraged thinking. Re-invent yourself while Duplicating yourself. This is just a sample of what you will learn in EDUCATING YOUR EXPECTATIONS.

- PLUS -

2 CD Set "Taking on the Mantle of Leadership"

Are you frustrated because your team isn’t growing at the rate you desire… and many of those who signup aren’t committed to their business the way you are to yours. In this CD series you will learn the difference between “Nice-Nice”… (a very technical term) for trying to win your team over through kindness... vs. growing a Team through real LEADERSHIP. 

- Duplicating Leadership… the Key to Residual Income

- Educating the Expectations of your Team

- Putting the Fundamentals in Place

- Teaching and Learning in a Dynamic Environment

- Handling Negativity on Your Team

- The Patterns of Leaders… even in the Early Stages of their Business


 Beyond Words
By  Leanne Grechulk(BC)      

I just wanted to say that I went through your entire cd program over the weekend. I wanted to express that your passion, energy and communication style is beyond words. In the short time I have been following your coaching program, my upline and downline have already noticed incredible changes! Can't wait for our call next week! Your cd's are alongside Jim Rohn's in my personal favorites that I take with me everywhere!


 Thank You soooo Much
By  John Garrett (IL)      

Thanks so much for making "Educating Your Expectations" It is one I go back and back and back to and I learn something new every single time.  You and my coaches are what has made me the leader that I am!


No Ordinary Leader!
By  Toli Fliakos (Chicago, Il)

Artemis is no ordinary leader. She can speak with authority about the MANTLE OF LEADERSHIP because she wears it elegantly -- it becomes her! Having personally been inspired by the clarity of the vision that catapulted her in two years to the top of our company, I have felt --day in and day out-- the passion of her mission to mentor and groom leaders. In this CD set, she shares that passion with the intensity, energy, clarity and credibility that can only come from the depths of the heart. This is not a mantle she "bought" off the shelf from books, tapes and seminars -- it's a custom fit, woven from her own remarkable personal experience and transformation. If you want to grasp and internalize the mindset difference, a framework that will empower you to joyously and successfully "live your business, instead of just trying to do your business," TAKING ON THE MANTLE OF LEADERSHIP is a crowning jewel for your collection of personal growth resources. WARNING: it's not just an ordinary resource that can be readily relegated to gather dust on a shelf. Powerful, inspirational, sweeping in range, yet concise in the delivery, it is chockfull of specific strategies that can transform and energize you... and your enterprise -- you will surely want to come back to it often, again and again, the way you would to a treasured reference book. And, as a leader taking on the mantle, you will want all the leaders you groom to follow suit.


Learn Accountability in your life and in Leadership!

By  Karen Whiten (IN)
Recently I listened to Artemis’s audio training, Taking On The Mantle of Leadership. Immediately I recognized how much I’ve learned and grown my business with her help. At the same time, the leadership experience and coaching excellence that Artemis brings to this training gave me another level of understanding about changes in my thinking and my actions now that will take my business to the next level. This training CD sums up leadership in an extraordinarily powerful way.
Artemis teaches how to be accountable in your own life and in your leadership, how to get past your challenges, master yourself first, and create for yourself, all in front of others so that you live your business in a way that just is attractive and draws others to you. She differentiates between what strong leaders gives and what they require, between what holds you back and how to lead with vision. She doesn’t just teach direct and honest coaching, and you hear her do it. Artemis shares her own experiences, wisdom and insights from leading others but not taking responsibility for others. She explains the privilege of working with real leaders, how they identify themselves and how you can recognize and inspire them. Artemis has taught me to keep showing up in my business in one of three places… to learn, to learn to teach or to teach. If you’re brand new in you business you’ll want to hear what the best of leaders is teaching your leaders and what you'll want to expect of yourself. If you’re stepping into your own leadership you’ll want to duplicate her coaching strategies. As I become a seasoned leader I'm integrating her teachings at the next level and following her to the top.


The Leadership CD set is OUTSTANDING!
By  Michelle Weidner 
I absolutely love the "Leadership" CD set!! I will be listening to that one over and over and over!! You know for the longest time in our business, I have been the product person but this past year, I am so ready to venture out more into the leadership role of really 'BUILDING PEOPLE"!!! The Leadership CD set is OUTSTANDING!!! I've taken so many ideas that we'll be implementing with our team. I've been taking so many notes my pen has been smoking! We've promoted you're entire library and your website! The one thing I get from you, my friend, is TRUTH! Not that my other mentors don't tell the truth... you just really come from the heart and don't flower it up! You just TELL IT HOW IT IS~
Leadership CD's AAAWWWWESOOOOOME CD's!!!!!
By  Jill Roach 

Hello Artemis!!!!

I am Jill Roach. You met me at the seminar in Chicago. I will make this brief. I just finished listening to your CD's on leadership and YOU ARE RIGHT ON, WOMAN!!!!!!! Thank you for the awesome info. It either confirmed for me that I was on the right track as a leader in this industry or it reminded me of some important fundamentals that we, as leaders must continue to apply every day.

Thank you for coming into my life at just the critical time.....Syncranicity!!!!!


WOW... The Leadership CD set is OUTSTANDING!!!
By  Michelle & Eric 

The Leadership CD set is OUTSTANDING!!!  I've taken so many ideas that we'll  be implementing with our team.  One for sure will be REQUIRING something from them... we're doing that to some degree; however, we're going to put the ball in their court, as for emailing us daily and also letting us know what they actually got out of the trainings rather them just being accountable for the call!!!!  And having a list of those who are actually working that we will be putting our energy into and not allowing others to be sucking up our energy reserve!!!! I've been taking so many notes my pen has been smoking!  We've promoted you're entire library and your website...  

The one thing I get from you, my friend, is TRUTH!  Not that my other mentors don't tell the truth... you just really come from the heart and don't flower it up!  You just TELL IT HOW IT IS~  I must say, Artemis, out of all my mentors I have and all the CD's I've listened to and all the books I've read... I can relate to you more than any of them!  Not to diminish any one else and their material; however, you are the most purest, 'come from the heart', no frills, tell it how it is LEADER I've ever met!! 


You're are the one inspiration that has moved me more than anyone before! 

....maybe cause we're sisters?!?!?    :)

Love and Blessings,





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